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Proximity Sensor

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Proximity Sensor

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  • The Wireless Proximity Sensor can detect objects that are removed or placed in front of the sensor. In addition to periodic heartbeats every 15 minutes, the sensor transmits a message when an object is removed or placed in front of the sensor. Data is relayed to the cloud through Cloud Connectors (gateway), where it can be seen in Studio or exported to other services via developer APIs.

    Includes a 1-year free service subscription (10€/year after the first year).

    The service subscription includes:

    • Sensor data reception and database hosting (30 days)
    • Cloud forwarding, including data traffic
    • Complete API access
    • Customer support

    Wireless sensors require a Cloud Connector to send data to the cloud.

  • Operating Conditions Specification
    Temperature Range -40 to 85C
    Recommended Temperature Range -25 to 50C, non condensing
    Humidity at 25C 0 to 100% relative humidity
    Communication Protocol 868 MHz SRD/ISM band, SecureDataShot
    Wireless Range Up to 1 km line of sight, similar to WiFi indoors
    Size and weight 19x19x2.5mm, 2.0g
    Lifetime Up to 15 years at room temperature
    Certification and Compliance CE, WEEE, Batteries directive